Newsprint Mills


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Broadwoven Fabric Mills  |  Adhesive Manufacturing  |  Air and Gas Compressor Manufacturing  |  Air Purification Equipment Manufacturing  |  Air-Conditioning and Warm Air Heating Equipment and Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing  |  Aircraft Manufacturing  |  All Other Basic Inorganic Chemical Manufacturing  |  All Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing  |  All Other Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing  |  All Other Industrial Machinery Manufacturing  |  All Other Miscellaneous Chemical Product and Preparation Manufacturing  |  All Other Miscellaneous Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing  |  All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing  |  All Other Miscellaneous General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing  |  All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing  |  All Other Miscellaneous Nonmetallic Mineral Product Manufacturing  |  All Other Miscellaneous Textile Product Mills  |  All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing  |  All Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing  |  All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing  |  All Other Specialty Trade Contractors  |  Aluminum Extruded Product Manufacturing  |  Aluminum Sheet, Plate, and Foil Manufacturing  |  Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing  |  Asphalt Paving Mixture and Block Manufacturing  |  Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing  |  Automatic Environmental Control Manufacturing for Residential, Commercial, and Appliance Use  |  Bare Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing  |  Beer and Ale Merchant Wholesalers  |  Biological Product (except Diagnostic) Manufacturing  |  Bolt, Nut, Screw, Rivet, and Washer Manufacturing  |  Bottled Water Manufacturing  |  Breweries  |  Brick, Stone, and Related Construction Material Merchant Wholesalers  |  Broom, Brush, and Mop Manufacturing  |  Canvas and Related Product Mills  |  Cheese Manufacturing  |  Coal and Other Mineral and Ore Merchant Wholesalers  |  Coated and Laminated Paper Manufacturing  |  Coated Paper Bag and Pouch Manufacturing  |  Coffee and Tea Manufacturing  |  Commercial and Institutional Building Construction  |  Commercial Bakeries  |  Commercial Lithographic Printing  |  Commercial Screen Printing  |  Computer and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software Merchant Wholesalers  |  Computer Storage Device Manufacturing  |  Computer Terminal Manufacturing  |  Concrete Block and Brick Manufacturing  |  Confectionery Manufacturing from Purchased Chocolate  |  Confectionery Merchant Wholesalers  |  Construction and Mining (except Oil Well) Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers  |  Construction Machinery Manufacturing  |  Corrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing  |  Current-Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing  |  Cut Stone and Stone Product Manufacturing  |  Cutting Tool and Machine Tool Accessory Manufacturing  |  Distilleries  |  Drugs and Druggists Sundries Merchant Wholesalers  |  Dry, Condensed, and Evaporated Dairy Product Manufacturing  |  Drywall and Insulation Contractors  |  Electrical and Electronic Appliance, Television, and Radio Set Merchant Wholesalers  |  Electrical Apparatus and Equipment, Wiring Supplies, and Related Equipment Merchant Wholesalers  |  Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors  |  Electromedical and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus Manufacturing  |  Electronic Coil, Transformer, and Other Inductor Manufacturing  |  Electronic Computer Manufacturing  |  Electronic Connector Manufacturing  |  Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring  |  Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing  |  Farm and Garden Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers  |  Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Fats and Oils Refining and Blending  |  Finish Carpentry Contractors  |  Fish and Seafood Merchant Wholesalers  |  Flooring Contractors  |  Flower, Nursery Stock, and Florists Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Fluid Power Valve and Hose Fitting Manufacturing  |  Footwear Merchant Wholesalers  |  Framing Contractors  |  Fresh and Frozen Seafood Processing  |  Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Merchant Wholesalers  |  Frozen Specialty Food Manufacturing  |  Fruit and Vegetable Canning  |  Furniture Merchant Wholesalers  |  Game, Toy, and Childrens Vehicle Manufacturing  |  Gasket, Packing, and Sealing Device Manufacturing  |  General Line Grocery Merchant Wholesalers  |  General Warehousing and Storage  |  Glass and Glazing Contractors  |  Glass Container Manufacturing  |  Glass Product Manufacturing Made of Purchased Glass  |  Hand and Edge Tool Manufacturing  |  Hardware Manufacturing  |  Hardware Merchant Wholesalers  |  Heating Equipment (except Warm Air Furnaces) Manufacturing  |  Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction  |  Home Furnishing Merchant Wholesalers  |  House Slipper Manufacturing  |  Household Furniture (except Wood and Metal) Manufacturing  |  Household Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing  |  Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Manufacturing  |  In-Vitro Diagnostic Substance Manufacturing  |  Industrial and Commercial Fan and Blower Manufacturing  |  Industrial and Personal Service Paper Merchant Wholesalers  |  Industrial Building Construction  |  Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers  |  Industrial Mold Manufacturing  |  Industrial Process Furnace and Oven Manufacturing  |  Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Industrial Truck, Tractor, Trailer, and Stacker Machinery Manufacturing  |  Industrial Valve Manufacturing  |  Infants Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing  |  Institutional Furniture Manufacturing  |  Instruments and Related Products Manufacturing for Measuring, Displaying, and Controlling Industrial Process Variables  |  Iron and Steel Mills  |  Iron and Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing from Purchased Steel  |  Jewelry (except Costume) Manufacturing  |  Jewelry, Watch, Precious Stone, and Precious Metal Merchant Wholesalers  |  Land Subdivision  |  Lumber, Plywood, Millwork, and Wood Panel Merchant Wholesalers  |  Machine Shops  |  Machine Tool (Metal Cutting Types) Manufacturing  |  Marking Device Manufacturing  |  Masonry Contractors  |  Mayonnaise, Dressing, and Other Prepared Sauce Manufacturing  |  Measuring and Dispensing Pump Manufacturing  |  Meat and Meat Product Merchant Wholesalers  |  Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing  |  Medical, Dental, and Hospital Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Medicinal and Botanical Manufacturing  |  Mens and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings Merchant Wholesalers  |  Mens and Boys' Cut and Sew Shirt (except Work Shirt) Manufacturing  |  Mens and Boys' Cut and Sew Suit, Coat, and Overcoat Manufacturing  |  Mens and Boys' Cut and Sew Trouser, Slack, and Jean Manufacturing  |  Metal Can Manufacturing  |  Metal Coating, Engraving (except Jewelry and Silverware), and Allied Services to Manufacturers  |  Metal Service Centers and Other Metal Merchant Wholesalers  |  Metal Tank (Heavy Gauge) Manufacturing  |  Metal Window and Door Manufacturing  |  Military Armored Vehicle, Tank, and Tank Component Manufacturing  |  Mineral Wool Manufacturing  |  Mining Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing  |  Motor and Generator Manufacturing  |  Motor Vehicle Air-Conditioning Manufacturing  |  Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing  |  Motor Vehicle Brake System Manufacturing  |  Motor Vehicle Metal Stamping  |  Motor Vehicle Parts (Used) Merchant Wholesalers  |  Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts Merchant Wholesalers  |  Musical Instrument Manufacturing  |  New Single-Family Housing Construction (except Operative Builders)  |  Noncellulosic Organic Fiber Manufacturing  |  Nonchocolate Confectionery Manufacturing  |  Nonferrous Forging  |  Nonferrous Metal (except Copper and Aluminum) Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding  |  Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture Manufacturing  |  Nonwoven Fabric Mills  |  Office Equipment Merchant Wholesalers  |  Office Furniture (except Wood) Manufacturing  |  Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction  |  Ophthalmic Goods Manufacturing  |  Optical Instrument and Lens Manufacturing  |  Ornamental and Architectural Metal Work Manufacturing  |  Other Building Equipment Contractors  |  Other Building Finishing Contractors  |  Other Chemical and Allied Products Merchant Wholesalers  |  Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing  |  Other Commercial Equipment Merchant Wholesalers  |  Other Commercial Printing  |  Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing  |  Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing  |  Other Construction Material Merchant Wholesalers  |  Other Electronic Parts and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers  |  Other Engine Equipment Manufacturing  |  Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing  |  Other Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors  |  Other Grocery and Related Products Merchant Wholesalers  |  Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction  |  Other Household Textile Product Mills  |  Other Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing  |  Other Metal Container Manufacturing  |  Other Metal Valve and Pipe Fitting Manufacturing  |  Other Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing  |  Other Millwork (including Flooring)  |  Other Miscellaneous Durable Goods Merchant Wholesalers  |  Other Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods Merchant Wholesalers  |  Other Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing  |  Other Professional Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Other Snack Food Manufacturing  |  Overhead Traveling Crane, Hoist, and Monorail System Manufacturing  |  Packaged Frozen Food Merchant Wholesalers  |  Packaging Machinery Manufacturing  |  Paint and Coating Manufacturing  |  Painting and Wall Covering Contractors  |  Paperboard Mills  |  Perishable Prepared Food Manufacturing  |  Petroleum and Petroleum Products Merchant Wholesalers (except Bulk Stations and Terminals)  |  Petroleum Lubricating Oil and Grease Manufacturing  |  Petroleum Refineries  |  Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing  |  Photographic Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Photographic Film, Paper, Plate, and Chemical Manufacturing  |  Plastics Bag and Pouch Manufacturing  |  Plastics Material and Resin Manufacturing  |  Plastics Materials and Basic Forms and Shapes Merchant Wholesalers  |  Plastics Packaging Film and Sheet (including Laminated) Manufacturing  |  Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies (Hydronics) Merchant Wholesalers  |  Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors  |  Porcelain Electrical Supply Manufacturing  |  Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors  |  Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction  |  Power Boiler and Heat Exchanger Manufacturing  |  Power, Distribution, and Specialty Transformer Manufacturing  |  Precision Turned Product Manufacturing  |  Prefabricated Metal Building and Component Manufacturing  |  Prepress Services  |  Prerecorded Compact Disc (except Software), Tape, and Record Reproducing  |  Primary Battery Manufacturing  |  Primary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metal (except Copper and Aluminum)  |  Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing  |  Printing Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing  |  Pump and Pumping Equipment Manufacturing  |  Quick Printing  |  Radio and Television Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Equipment Manufacturing  |  Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing  |  Recyclable Material Merchant Wholesalers  |  Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage  |  Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Relay and Industrial Control Manufacturing  |  Rendering and Meat Byproduct Processing  |  Residential Electric Lighting Fixture Manufacturing  |  Residential Remodelers  |  Retail Bakeries  |  Rolled Steel Shape Manufacturing  |  Rolling Mill Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing  |  Roofing Contractors  |  Roofing, Siding, and Insulation Material Merchant Wholesalers  |  Rubber and Plastics Hoses and Belting Manufacturing  |  Sanitary Paper Product Manufacturing  |  Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument Manufacturing  |  Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing  |  Semiconductor Machinery Manufacturing  |  Service Establishment Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Sheer Hosiery Mills  |  Sheet Metal Work Manufacturing  |  Showcase, Partition, Shelving, and Locker Manufacturing  |  Siding Contractors  |  Sign Manufacturing  |  Silverware and Hollowware Manufacturing  |  Site Preparation Contractors  |  Small Arms Manufacturing  |  Soap and Other Detergent Manufacturing  |  Special Die and Tool, Die Set, Jig, and Fixture Manufacturing  |  Specialty Canning  |  Spice and Extract Manufacturing  |  Sporting and Athletic Goods Manufacturing  |  Sporting and Recreational Goods and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Stationery and Office Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Steel Wire Drawing  |  Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors  |  Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing  |  Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing  |  Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing  |  Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing  |  Textile and Fabric Finishing (except Broadwoven Fabric) Mills  |  Textile Machinery Manufacturing  |  Tile and Terrazzo Contractors  |  Tire and Tube Merchant Wholesalers  |  Tire Manufacturing (except Retreading)  |  Tire Retreading  |  Toilet Preparation Manufacturing  |  Totalizing Fluid Meter and Counting Device Manufacturing  |  Toy and Hobby Goods and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Tradebinding and Related Work  |  Transportation Equipment and Supplies (except Motor Vehicle) Merchant Wholesalers  |  Truck Trailer Manufacturing  |  Truss Manufacturing  |  Turbine and Turbine Generator Set Units Manufacturing  |  Uncoated Paper and Multiwall Bag Manufacturing  |  Unlaminated Plastics Film and Sheet (except Packaging) Manufacturing  |  Unlaminated Plastics Profile Shape Manufacturing  |  Upholstered Household Furniture Manufacturing  |  Urethane and Other Foam Product (except Polystyrene) Manufacturing  |  Vitreous China, Fine Earthenware, and Other Pottery Product Manufacturing  |  Warm Air Heating and Air-Conditioning Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers  |  Watch, Clock, and Part Manufacturing  |  Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction  |  Weft Knit Fabric Mills  |  Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers  |  Wineries  |  Womens, Girls', and Infants' Cut and Sew Apparel Contractors  |  Wood Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Manufacturing  |  Wood Office Furniture Manufacturing  |  Wood Window and Door Manufacturing Yarn Spinning Mills

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